''The only competitive Advantage is the ability to learn faster than the competition.'' - Arie de Geus

Owning and managing a business in today’s job market is tougher than ever.

  • Businesses compete globally for contracts and employees.

  • Workers are challenged to become expert in international cultures and laws.

  • Best practices and related techniques constantly change requiring updates in tooling and training.

  • Technologies and computer systems change every few years.

  • Owners and businesses take on new challenges that they are not yet expert in.

  • Employees are promoted to management and management is promoted to executive leadership requiring a new set of skills.

  • Furthermore, the workplace is becoming more diverse in age as many generations are working side by side, creating its own set of unique challenges.

All in all the workplace is more complex than ever requiring owners, executives, managers and their employees to engage in constant lifelong learning for the many learning curves that they face.

With all of these learning challenges, it is no wonder that 80% of employees experience stress in their jobs. More appropriately the translation buzz phrase for the stress, frustration and job discomfort of change is an experience we call “The Learning Curve.”Without the proper tools the “Learning Curve” will become a “Learning Curse.” So how can we help?

"Learning how to learn is life's most important skill." - Anonymous

Though we teach the technical part of the job well, we fail to teach others to “learn how to learn”. Unfortunately one of the failures of modern education is teaching how the learning process works. This is the first step to learning and there are critical insights in the learning process that when understood not only reduce the stress of job change but speed up the learning process. So before engaging in any new program, you first need the ability to learn how to learn.

The Master Your Learning Curve™ [MYLC™] Model was developed for the purpose of providing owners, executives, managers, employees and professionals, the tools to learn how to learn. As illustrated in the diagram, these tools allow everyone to master their difficult learning curves in less time.

Less time results in getting to
productivity and profits sooner. It also gives the tools to know how to handle the next wave of technology, legal and other changes using a systematic approach. Additionally, it is very empowering, once you know that all learning follows the same basic pattern.

The ability to learn quickly and wisely will prove to be the ultimate competitive advantage in the information age. How you preparing your company and yourself for this challenge?

''The only competitive Advantage is the ability to learn faster than the competition.'' - Arie de Geus

Learning how to learn begins with understanding the three phases of the MYLC™ Model. These phases are simple to understand and provide relevant and actionable methods for everyone.

During the course, The MYLC™ Model will walk you through the stages of the learning process by using engaging examples, discussion and illustrative activities.

At course conclusion, the participants will have a clear understanding of the learning process and the ability to use proven techniques to get through their learning curves in less time.

Perhaps your company has found itself in some of these difficult learning situations...

We recently asked someone to take on an important new role. Since it is out of their comfort zone, we fear they will quit. How can we ease them through the learning curve to overcome fears, improve confidence and get them productive in less time?

Our organization is struggling to implement a challenging software package [or culture change], how will understanding the MYLC™ Model improve our results?

How will the MYLC™ Model help us measure performance for employees performing new processes?

We recently hired a group of new front line workers and even though results are excellent with our internal training programs, how can we do better?

Please contact us today and learn more about how the MYLC™ Model will help everyone in your organization learn how to learn.

And remember...

"Life is too short to go through the learning curve on your own!"


To Learning and Profits,

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President and Developer of MYLC™ Model
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